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Hurghada Hotels With Aqua Park

SINDBAD CLUB. In fact, these are as many as 3 hotels, including the chic Sindbad Aqua Resort, designed for active family vacations. For the youngest guests there is a separate mini water park, 3 slides for older children, 7 large slides for adults, another black hole, high-speed slides, boomerang, zigzags and much more. It is interesting that an artificial beach with sand and a pool with an artificial wave are organized here. By the way, if your children are tired of active games in the water park, you can use the pool with a children's section or just relax on site. Sinbad also has a real submarine, an excursion to which we will be pleased to offer you. In general, when old-timers are asked about which water park to go with their children, they definitely recommend the SINDBAD CLUB. The hotel is regularly renovated, the owners carefully monitor the state of the water park and pools. There are a lot of reviews and photos of the hotel on the Internet, but the site, unfortunately, has not been completely done, so you will have to look at the information about the water park at tour operators or aggregators.
 Albatros Junqle Aqua Park. One of the largest water parks in Egypt. On its territory there are 21 swimming pools and as many as 35 water slides and, of course, many different attractions. Here, for outdoor enthusiasts, it’s just a paradise, for both children and adults. The latter, perhaps, will enjoy the most. You have to come here all day to try all the rides, fully enjoy the sensations of freedom and have fun. Such a water park will definitely not bother your children.
Titanik Beach is famous for its pools and water activities. 6,000 square meters are occupied only by pools, and the water park is considered the largest in Hurghada. Here you will find artificial rivers and slides of all stripes and whirlpools, pipes, jumps, in general, all the most relevant for those who want to enjoy such entertainment. For younger visitors, the hotel offers 5 slides and a pirate ship. In combination with a huge beach and a lot of sports, Titanik Beach is definitely suitable for those who love water in all its manifestations.

Golden Five. It is a real city in the city. The combination of 5 hotels that complement each other qualitatively - there is only one infrastructure. As for water activities, there are plenty of them for any age. Children are offered a whole complex in the style of a pirate jungle, where you can climb, ride a water slide, play. And for adults - welcome to the high-speed roller coaster. There are few of them. This water park is more likely an addition to other entertainment in the complex.

Jaz Aquamarine. The hotel itself is famous for its perfect service and well-groomed. If for you a water park is not the main condition when choosing a hotel, but you want to go for a ride - Jaz Aquamarine is perfect, 16 adult slides, 8 for children, 11 outdoor pools, 8 of which are heated in the winter. This hotel is for those who value a combination of a relaxing beach and outdoor activities.

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