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Individual Trips

Meeting the sunset in the desert together is priceless, like swimming among the magnificent coral reefs, saying hello to dolphins, who will surely choose you, and not a crowd of vain tourists with children, to enjoy the art of the ancient Egyptians and grandiose monuments of antiquity ... everything is only for you, around you and without intrusive movements, when you do not have time to make out and enjoy one work of art, and you are already drawn to another. Yes, on individual programs, timing is freer.


It is better to book individual excursions in advance so as not to coincide with tourist groups and be sure that this day is yours. The guide will always warn you what to take with you so that the trip is comfortable and you are only occupied with impressions. For example, in the desert it is necessary to take sunscreen and arafatki, and in the sea a warm large towel. Details that greatly affect the rest. You can’t think about them if you are with us.

And you can do individual tours yourself or supplement our program as you wish, if, of course, it is physically possible. Well, for example, if you are not very enthusiastic about swimming on the surface or if you want to join the secrets of the underwater world for the first time, tell us about it. We will take with you a first-class diving instructor and equipment in size so that you are comfortable and you will always remember your first time. Want to go shopping for souvenirs and gizmos? - We will arrange an individual transfer to the shopping center, tell, tell, advise or just give you the opportunity, without haste, fuss and unnecessary conversations, to choose whatever you want.

In general, if you adhere to the principle of only an individual approach, if you want to make a gift or relax with your family, order tours and excursions only for yourself. So you will be much more comfortable and more interesting.