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Top 10 tours of Hurghada.

We make a reservation, this is not a rating; rather, it is a must visit for those who love adventure and beauty.

So the sea. It is beautiful even if you just admire it. And to immerse yourself in a huge bottomless universe of tranquility and perfect beauty it is not at all necessary to be a diver. Especially if you have children. The sooner they see the beautiful, the better. Therefore,

number ( 1 ) is a semi-submarine : 

It differs from ordinary ships in that it has a so-called underwater floor with large panoramic windows and comfortable tables near them. You sit, dry, in a comfortable room at the depths and look at the fish, which, in turn, look at you. That's where the real children's delight is. The living creatures of the Red Sea behave wildly at home and are curious with pleasure when someone looks in on a visit. You can catch ramps and huge fish that are smoothly “hurrying” about their business, but you should not even talk about colorful diving kids. What color is water? - the sun breaks through the waves, plays with all the colors of blue and blue. It seems that here the background is calming music, immersing you in another world. For those who like to join the environment, there is a stop for snorkeling. During it, you can get closer to the coral reefs.

Number (2 ) Boat trip to Giftun Island :

This is perhaps the most famous place for tourists near Hurghada. Giftun is surrounded by magnificent coral gardens and even underwater caves where only experienced divers are allowed to enter. And for those who are not connected with scuba diving, a unique excursion is offered, including snorkeling, landing on an island with a perfect beach, a delicious seafood lunch, a semi-submarine, fishing and even massage after a long swim in open water. We combine business with pleasure. If you catch a fish, you can cook it yourself for dinner. This is a rest for the whole day, the ship returns to the shore at the sunset.

Number ( 3 ) Utopia Island : 

According to legend, a couple of times a year, this piece of land in the open sea goes under water. Everything is possible in the Red Sea. While the deep sea has not swallowed the island, we suggest you enjoy amazing views of corals and their inhabitants. Incredible fish, stingrays, cuttlefish, octopuses and squids, even dangerous residents who will be located at a depth unattainable to us, will appear before you in all its glory. The ship, of course, will have a delicious lunch, and in certain places you can ride a banana and a tablet.

Number ( 4 ) From one element to another. Super desert safari : 

Sand in the Egyptian desert is like the sea, when the wind blows, sand waves run from dune to dune and form in bizarre shapes. The desert loves those who come here to ride ATVs. This is the favorite pastime of millions of guests. Therefore, far from city life, among the endless sands there is a small town for those who want to ride quadrics. And not only on them. The program includes buggies, jeep riding on dunes - this is where the most extreme is - camels and even horses. And there are Bedouins who have not changed their lifestyle for centuries. This is a separate caste, civilization - do you want to touch it? - Welcome to a safari in the Egyptian desert.

Number ( 5 ) Cairo by plane or by bus : 

Choose your preferred mode of transport - and more! Towards the Great Sphinx and the giant Pyramids of Giza. Useful information - the sea, sensations - a year in advance, photographs - and even more. To be in Egypt and not see its capital is strange. Of course, you will be shown both the main square and the magnificent museum and that cherished place - the Giza plateau, where the great masters of the ancient civilization of the pharaohs created the impossible - the only Wonder of the World that has come down to our time.

Number ( 6 ) Luxor :

This city is called an open-air museum. The route of the excursion will surprise you with each new stop: the colossi of Mnemnon are incredibly large guys, depicting the sitting pharaoh Amenhotep III. Little is left of the faces, but the figures themselves are simply amazing in their size. Temple of Queen Hatshepsut, carved into the rock. This is what greatness women in ancient Egypt achieved to create such in their honor without modern technology! There are only wall inscriptions and murals that have survived to this day, but are very spoiled by Thutmosis II, who wanted to erase the memory of the woman queen — what are they worth!

Valley of the Kings. Do not worry, there are no terrible mummies, only tombs with magnificent wall painting and writing remained. Ah, these hieroglyphs are the subject of admiration for many generations! And, of course, Karnak Temple. Pharaoh was not a pharaoh if he did not leave his mark in this temple. That is why it is huge, stately, with magnificent halls and alleys. Of course, all the elements are incredibly skillfully executed, with perfect accuracy, style, love of work. Particularly striking is the statue of Ramses II with his wife at their feet. This is the real envy of all sculptors. I would like to add that there is a unique atmosphere. In shorts and a T-shirt you even feel uncomfortable somehow, you want to wear a crown, Egyptian sandals and decorate yourself with gold, and bring your eyes black to become part of this beauty.

Number ( 7 )Egyptian massage and Turkish bath : 

This is from the series - Come on, girls! Being in an eastern country and not taking advantage of the experience of the fair sex of exquisite beauty is a little sacrilege. So, massage, peeling, relaxing treatments and steam, magnificent creams, natural Egyptian oils and scrubs, perfect care for the whole body and face. We highly recommend taking a course for the entire rest period - minus 10 years guaranteed.

Number ( 8 ) Grand Aquarium :

The amazing thing. You walk along the tunnel, and slopes and reef sharks swim above you, the walls here are continuous water behind glass, where the friendly and not very inhabitants of the Red Sea live. This mini universe will take you to another dimension, and how children will be happy, for example, with the unexpected greeting of a stingray (we remember how ridiculous it is from below) - cannot be conveyed in words.

Number ( 9 )Swimming with dolphins :

The most intelligent, kind, bright creatures. They have a human look, they know how to play with children, they enjoy every new guest, they perfectly pose for a selfie and give a person the same amazing energy, for which dolphins are even called healers. We advise you to wear stronger swimwear, holding on to the dolphin fin, you can lose a couple of pieces of clothing.

Number ( 10 ) Mini-park : 

For those who want to feel a little Gulliver in the country of midgets. This is a unique park where all the most important sights of Egypt are presented in a mock-up, just above or below human growth. You can visit them without leaving Hurghada. A kind of city, consisting of the most beautiful places and architectural creations of the whole country. Pyramids and mosques, the Sphinx and Luxor and even Abu Simbel are waiting for you and your children on a tour.