How to celebrate the new year in Egypt ?

Let's talk about resort towns. In fact, a holiday in Egypt is almost like in your home, only with oriental notes. The Egyptians also have Santa Claus, however, his name is Baba Noel, and he has little relation to the cold for obvious climatic reasons, but he looks almost the same - with a beard and in red clothes. He, too, must bring joy and gifts. There are no natural trees in Egypt, but there are pyramids - they are almost like Christmas trees, but not plants. Just kidding. The Egyptians put artificial Christmas trees in the cities, decorate them with garlands, toys. This is such a mixture of Western and Russian folklore. By the way, the snow maiden in the country of the pharaohs is still not in use, and how our tourists are not trying to explain that this is not the grandfather’s wife, but his granddaughter, and they are always together - the Egyptians do not quite understand this, so the grandfather walks alone.



Top 10 tours of Hurghada.

More precisely, from Hurghada .. This information will become a travel guide for those who are traveling for the first time to a beautiful resort town, as well as for those who have been on the coast many times, but have not thought about how to have time and enjoy the beach and cultural rest. Agree, if there is a chance to see, for example, a miracle of the world or a miracle of nature - amazing coral reefs of the Red Sea, you should leave your favorite sunbed and go on travel, especially since our company’s capabilities make you feel both on the road, in the sea, and in the sand quite comfortable.



Hurghada Hotels With Aqua Park

Both adults and children enjoy water rides. The sea, of course, is good, but I want fun, rolling down the hills, splashes, extreme sports and emotions. Just a reservation, in Hurghada almost all hotels provide water activities, from water parks to riding bananas and tablets, and if the hotel is without slides and attractions, we will be happy to organize a trip to any large water park in Hurghada. And today in our useful blog there will be 5 most popular Hurghada hotels in water entertainments.